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The last chef-chef candidate, Bieber Sutherland, is opening restaurants with an astonishing look. His most impressive newborn may be the redesign of a religious organization, the Slope Tavern. The first type of Fitzgerald is now Fitz and will certainly be open for business at 3 am. meters. these days. The surfaces are lighter, the TVs are numerous and the menus are set with all kinds of pizzas, as well as a competitor essential to get the best strong dish of this part of the method of Michigan. Sutherland, fellow cocinero Jesse Gonazalez, who runs all the restaurants in the Sutherland galaxy, and Graham Courier of Fitzgerald, oversaw the retired menus. The pizzas are called for the places, all chosen from the latitude and longitude points of the menus. The three versions of strong dish, called for 3Chicago, communities, increase more and more steam since the most fashionable products on the menus. There is also a thinner crust with more aesthetic and accessible base trim. Other new products include steak, a brand new version of the local hamburger, and a fennel and endive salad that is unlike anything else in a classic pizzeria. The cool drinks are called for the tourists of the planet and use the whole world of the tiki tastes. In addition to the new menus, the room has become a massive revival. What was once the Salt Millar, both dark and poorly developed, is bright and inviting, with a touch of beach. The walls are whitewashed, the outdoor cooking area is covered by a wall that now sports a lush and respectful Televesion vegetation, hanging in the tavern and decorating the sides.

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