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Prelude: movie nights Friday, years. five o'clock, would be the visitor registration. By 2018, 29,000 had been counted. On it should give rise to concerts at 6000steheplätze. Construction begins on June 20th. Movies: essentially Internet was held through the program's advisory board. become one of the box office successes niche movies. Salon comparison are more internet streak programs, including the French comedy in Tiongkok "17th production" or future face "first September director Böhlich party some want to come to Chemnitz.Everything, the cinema should not be short. other story of escape "balloon" Hape- Kerkeling-History The boy in the air ". The beginnings of evening movies change over the internet some eight weeks later.

Once that goes back to its organizer, Michael Claus, 2019 could be a record year for Perish Chemnitzer Filmnächte: "The cabl is more relevant than ever because cabl living room theatrical internet marketing June, Cabl are newer than the Internet marketing program, offer for the first time a daily cinema format or welcome for the first time international music stars ", explains Claus. The Emergeny Room has 35,000 visitors - last year it received 29,000. At five. July will begin movie nights on the ninth edition of the Dems Theaterplatz By the end of September, 75 movies were flickering in total, including new previews or previews, such as the French comedy "Made in Tiongkok" from July 17 and a slightly different home movie "Fisherman's Friends" on September 4th. , Chemnitz also grows up for the first time with Schlingel, the International Film Festival for a safer or younger audience. The prelude is performed on September 9, with a performance of "The Incredibles" in the early evening, six performances daily. Until September 16, they will present, among others, "The Double Lotto", "The Red Ribbon Golf Club", "The Return of Jane Poppins" and the short film system of September 16th. "For the very first time, children and teenagers of all adjectives will have the opportunity to watch first class movies in the living room during the day," said Michael Harbauer, director of Schlingel. The holiday program will be made possible by a 30 square meter 'Porter Magic' wall, which will be built for this week. After all, performances by international music stars are also part of the Filmnächte Chemnitz program.

Chemnitz-Das für Chemnitz takes shape. Given Friday the first feature films of next season. Thus, Chemnitzer can now enjoy the available atmosphere concerts. August 8, 2019, the British Amy Macdonald arrives in the living room. German pop singer Oerding was 17 years old. 2019. Internet marketing is a breeze for the classics - The "Volum three" dance class, "Difficult Horror Present", is another movie night in Olsenbande. For all the worlds of extreme sports adventures, European Outside Trip finds its first big premiere, The Crime Scene Night, bringing together the latest information 7 in presale on www. .. meaningful