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In 2016, two alcohol-building enthusiasts were made via a good mutual friend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although they had different origins, they both loved their cities, their residential neighborhoods and - probably most importantly - alcohol. Although neither has worked in the alcohol manufacturing market, both have made huge suggestions on how to make their interest more fun and inclusive. Some of these lovers was me. The opposite was Mike Knitter, founder of the African-American Brew Tradition and Clean Holiday. Over modern times, Knitter has embarked on advertising and support, undoubtedly helping to improve the local alcohol community. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time with Mike and discover his influence on his desire for alcohol, as well as his desire to co-found the first African-American alcohol celebration in the country. Kenny Gould: What was your trip into alcohol? Mike Knitter: I was raised in Philadelphia. I had been a young soldier. I moved back and forth in the San Francisco Bay area, but eventually moved to Philadelphia. The sensitive draft beer, I usually enjoyed great meals and excellent alcohol. I matured beyond Budweiser and Burns by going to college. I started to tinker with things seen a little different from American lagers. Kilo: Plus your first alcohol? Megapixel: John Adams. Following this, I withheld to check. I tried it exactly where I could find it. That brought me to Scott Johnson at the Eastern Stop Producing Company, this is the first brewery I went to. The men were great and we got along well. I would arrive after I could, probably once a week. I just heard Scott understand variations and brewing strategies.

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