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This wacky wedding style really requires the wedding cake. Engaged lovers change the traditional wedding ceremonies for small hyperrealistic statuettes, printed in 3 Debates, by themselves. "Everyone was letting down men's minds that they had not seen anything like it," says Lizz Spano, who runs the favorite Instagram account of -HungryHippie_ foodie, says The Post. The 41-year-old and her love, Greg, age 38, is an important Phish brain. They visited about 200 jam group shows together. They wanted the cake of their wedding ceremony to reflect their shared musical passion. As a result, the Gramercy couple used t-shirts for wedding rings and went to Doob, a company of 3 Deb, to create a wedding cake item that swallowed the eye. "Our wedding cake, it's him and me at Phish Capital, hands up, as if we're looking for them, we're exactly what we'd have been on a showcase," says Spano, whose wedding took place last February with the Williamsburg airspace. "It's really individual." Doob, which contains two Ny stores and a few other places across the country, is not entirely a manufacturer of wedding cakes. But the general manager, Erina Anderson, shows The Post how the store producing 3 Deb basically gets a store each summer. "20% of people appear to make cakes this month or this year," says Anderson. With Doob go shopping, enthusiasts create an innovative research program, although 54 digital cameras are disassembled, immortalizing them - and all they like - in plastic resin figurines. (It was recalled that many are partial: a fuzzy influence allows many statuettes to look like fun mirror variants of their authentic characters.

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